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Spring/ Summer 2014 Runway look to retail- Metallic trend

ITS ALMOST SUMMER. you know what that means: time to look for a dress




Sunday if their would be any reason to love a sunday it would be because it rhymes with ice cream sunday. Sunday can be as calm as a beck song called sunday sun. Or as loud as No Doubt song sunday morning. Theirs a lot of reasons to love or hate sunday I can give on reason to love sunday. Sunday can consist of three main courses: Brunch, Shopping and Dinner . Whatever you do don’t forget to go outdoors and breathe the sunday air as it is crisp and speacial and wonderful.

Ms. Lonely

 I feel the loneliness crawling upon my bed and then i know when i feel the air beneath my window i am not alone cause i have my own love that wraps around me through the night. As sky falls through the morning i see my darling face and picture you with me in the mist of the night i see myself as a powerful beautiful young women who is not all at all cause she has herself to look out for.